Need for Career Counselling

Career counseling is about creating a great career. It is to be understood that anyone can have a great career, it doesn’t matter what your line of work is. Great career is not only about how big ones paycheck is, a person with a great career makes a distinctive contribution to the society. ‘A great career is all about solving great problems, meeting great challenges and making great contributions’’- Covey. It is actually fun when you do what you love to do and also get paid for it. So career counseling is about discovering what you love to do. In fact it is about helping students discover their passion and potential and supporting them to pursue their passion.

Best Careers book is equipped with numerous tools to help students in making their choices. The students and the parents are generally confused about the choices to make after class 10 or class 12. It is to be understood that in a rapidly changing world, careers that seem most sought after today may not exist tomorrow. New careers would emerge and keeping a track of newly emerging careers by analyzing the trend and predicting the careers of tomorrow is the job of a specialist. What careers would emerge and exist 20 years from now or which are the careers that would probably fade out-No one knows. However, an experienced career counselor, like Dr Swarup Dutta, will be of great help to understand the future trend and to make a proper choice in acquiring the skill sets that would be vital for a great career for the next few decades. Best Careers Book also supports in short listing the institutions to seek admission for, preparing for the admission procedure and provide information about the eligibility criteria for the short listed courses. In a nut shell ‘Best Careers Book’ bridges the gap between your career ambition and actually having a great career.

Dr Swarup Dutta believes that Career counseling help students to make an informed career choice after they realize their own aspirations, strengths and weaknesses. Career counseling prevents them from making wrong career choices based on 'herd mentality' where the students try to follow the path that others are taking. Career counseling gives the courage to explore 'The Road Not Taken'.

Profile Evaluation
Profile evaluation provides you with requirements for admission to graduate admission programmes in your desired field of study.

Counselling Session
Counselling Session will help you figure out who you are and what you want out of your education, your career, and also from your life.

Career Assessment
Career assessments help individuals understand how their attributes impact their potential success and satisfaction with different career options.