About MSM English School Career Guidance And Counselling Cell- New Horizons

Dr Swarup Dutta is the principal of MSM English School and heads the Career Guidance cell - ‘New Horizons’ . Globalization along with rapid advances in technology have thrown open a plethora of new career options to the youth. This reality has created the need for Career Guidance to be an integral part of the education system. New Horizons aims at bridging the gap between the school education, higher education and the industry..

The Career Guidance Cell , New Horizons, continues to engage the students in various informative career-oriented sessions, panel discussions, one on one session to enhance the student’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration & career planning.

Specific inputs are given to the students regarding career choices mapped and aligned to their passion/interests which would help the students to fulfill their career goals and serve as the bridge between their school experience and graduate school or employment, helping them apply what they have learned.


1) The expertise and experience of Dr Swarup Dutta is hard to match .
2) Individual attention and customized support for each Candidate.
3) End to end solutions that you will get nowhere else.
4) Psychological counselling along with Career counselling - helps candidates to make brave decisions.
5) A wide array of services from counselling to Job placement . From Training to Transforming organizations.
6) Best careers book changes lives and transforms organizations. Best careers book is not just about career counselling, it is about changing the world for a better tomorrow.

Dr. Swarup Dutta

Dr Swarup Dutta: the Founder of Best Careers Book , is one of the most experienced and well connected career counselor that you can find in India . A Doctor, an educationist, a life coach, a Trainer of Teachers and Principals, Dr Dutta has been an Inspirational speaker & a corporate trainer since last 17 years. He has been conducting interviews and hiring employees, developing staff retention plan for diverse organizations. He has conducted interview of thousands of candidates and is a very well connected person across diverse sectors and that makes him a Career Counselor par excellence. Education and Industry, knowledge in both the domains makes him a rare gem in Career counseling.

Dr Swarup Dutta has completed his B.H.MS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) from Calcutta University, Master of Science (M.Sc.) and a Bachelors degree in Education (B.Ed). Dr Dutta also holds Certification in Global Career Counselling from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA Extension) and has been certified as their Super Counsellor with distinction. His vast professional experience and educational background makes him a numero uno choice for an educational counselor.

Dr Dutta has more than seventeen years of experience of hiring employees, supervising staff, securing resources, transforming organization culture and implementing effective programs. He is a very rare storehouse of experience in diverse fields – Education, Guidance & Counseling, Training, Medicine, Manufacturing, Product development, Quality Assurance, R&D, Information Technology, ITES, Advertising, Marketing and Business Management. He is also a Master Trainer and Zonal Coordinator of CBSE Centre OF Excellence, Pune.

Starting his career as a Research Associate, he moved spectacularly up the corporate ladder. However, he gave up his lucrative career in corporate sector, to provide quality education particularly in the rural parts of the country. He worked in organizations like Wipro, and had been a Vice President - Marketing in the healthcare segment. He is the recipient of Young Scientist Award 2007 by the Association for the Advancement of Homoeopathic Science, Kolkata. He is an expert in Lean Six sigma techniques of QMS(Quality Management system) and has been implementing Six Sigma and Lean techniques in various organizations since the last 10 years to ensure improvement in quality and process flow.